June 20, 2011

The best Father
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I meant to post this yesterday but couldn't, my net was down, something to do with fibre optic or electricity or both. Better late than never ......
The best father in the world is one who respects the mother of his children and is her greatest friend, support and confidant. 

He provides for his family even when his shirt tatters. He protects his family from the hardships of life.
He makes time to be with his family, sometimes to just laze around the house but close to one another.
The best father in the world is one who is loved by his daughters to bits and admired by his sons in immeasurable measure.

The best father is one who has big dreams for his family, he does not always say them out loud but you can see them in his eyes and in his deeds.

The best father in the world is the apple of his mother’s eye, the pride of his father’s heart, the pillar of his children, the joy of his in-laws and the unwavering cheer of his spouse

The best father in the world is one whose integrity and goodness is so towering, words cannot describe.
There are two best fathers in this world; one brought me into this world, brought me up and has been with me all my life, sometimes frowning, most of the time smiling. The other man is married to me, the sunshine of my life, my best friend, the father of my children, the one who will enjoy my sunset years with me as we watch our grand children, and their grandchildren – all our greats.

 Happy fathers day to all phenomenal Dads !
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