December 19, 2011

Wonna bloom? prune your life
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I have tried in vain to wean myself off my daily habit of waking up early now that it's the holidays. Unfortunately or fortunately, nothing seems to be working. Sometimes I wish I could sleep like my teenage children who wake up past noon but it seems my waking habits just won't let me! The alternative has been to plan my day while I laze tiredly in bed before I finally give up and touchdown. 

Today I decided to write -  I have been planning on starting a 'feminine genius' blog and I finally did. Check it out on

My second plan of the day was to tend to my flowers. I am not a fan of gardening so usually I ask my house-help or eldest son to tend to the flowerbeds. I have however not been satisfied with the outcome in comparison to when I personally lovingly planted, nurtured and tended to them. So despite my last Friday manicure, it was time to get down and dirty to ensure a beautiful outcome and fragrance.

As I was gardening, I thought about how similar weeding, pruning and sometimes pulling out the flowers is to life. There is a time when we also need to weed, prune, water and pull out various aspects of life in order to blossom in spring.
Why do we prune flowers and/or plants? Benefits of pruning  include: Eliminate deceased parts, Simplify transplantation, Promote fruit growth and Correct irregular growth. Same case with life, often or sometimes we need to get rid of baggage so that we may grow and blossom. 
The deceased parts in our lives can be in the form of distractions, negative thoughts & people, bad habits, ill feelings, younameitcozyouknowit.

When I was pruning my flowers,  what mattered to me was what was left of the flower and the flowerbed rather than what I was removing. Thus pruning your life is about what is left and what becomes of it. Pruning helps branching out in new directions, while controlling its shape and size. Just as I pruned my flowers, I will also prune my life to allow for new ideas, new opportunities, new perspectives, new ventures, new e.t.c

"...old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17

I spent a lot of time tending to my flowers today because I had neglected them for so long. I have now made a resolve, I will prune consistently often so that none of my energy goes towards maintaining what is dead or dying instead of to enjoying the budding and blooming. Looking at life, pruning helps us re evaluate our lives and we shouldn't wait till things get to an irreparable point  and neither should we put up with things that are of no benefit.

We each have the innate ability to bloom, all we need is to make an active choice to do so by tending to life's garden, let go of what is done, and create the opportunity to bud and bloom.

After tending to my flowers, I swept clean the flower beds and front yard, I collected and threw away all the waste matter. After pruning our lives, let  us also remember to throw away the unneeded and not leave it to others to clean up. After all, we are the masters of our lives.

As I sit by the window enjoying a cup of tea and ngwaci, I can't help but sigh with satisfaction!

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