November 26, 2011

Boredom is a state of mind
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Today has been a boring day for me, really boring. Right now I'm supposed to be at an Argentinian Tango exhibition at the Tribe, Village Market. I have been looking forward to it for a whole week but now I'm too bored to go.
Of late, I have noticed that I barely go anywhere, simply because am too bored. I had decided to be taking salad during school days lunch and value-add with a walk to the fruit bar but I've never done that. I get too bored to get out of uni unless going home and I get even more bored to show my ID to security at the gate ass I come back in.
I have assignments to do, my room's thorough cleaning is waaaaaay over due, I have this blog. In fact if I did all the things that are due, I wouldn't even have enough time to pee. But here I am feigning and tweeting boredom.
I was walking into my room to force a nap when it hit me, maybe boredom is a state of mind!! Aha! I just got on my blog and now I really think is boredom a state of mind!

 “Never be “Bored” it’s a state of mind that waste’s life!” – David King

Which translates to boredom is a waste of time and life yet I have the choice to a different state of mind!

Now that am writing this, It's like my boredom has been cured! Come to think of it, had I blogged earlier (on any subject), I'd be done by my Spanish reading assignments earlier. 

I'm never getting bored again, especially not at home coz I end up eating unnecessarily just to kill the boredom!
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