May 9, 2011

Summer, oh, Summer !
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uToday you get to grow stronger by dealing with new and unique challenges ............. Today you can envision a dream and then immediately start working to bring that dream to life.
— Ralph Marston

The above text is an excerpt from today's motivator on the  which is one of my favourite sites of all times. Read full motivator:
I got some disappointment in my last semester's grades but today marks a new day, a new semester, a new chance to do better and improve on  my GPA. 
As I read the motivator, I felt like Ralph  Marston was speaking to me, re-enforcing my resolve to get over the B and work towards my summa cum laude goals. I'm shaking loose the disappointment and getting set for abundant knowledge and above all, enjoying my classes.
I had two class sessions and am so looking forward to summer semester. My Poetry across cultures class is gonna be awesome so will Introduction to Print Media . I like lecturers who get one to think beyond what one already knows, lecturers who are open to varied opinion amongst other qualities and the above two possess them.
I'm looking forward to a fruitful semester in and out of class. I can't wait to fly, I'm alive.

I'm off to read Songs of Songs in the Bible. It think the content will be useful for my poetry class.

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