May 31, 2011

It's been a week, huh!
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Last Monday I started on a mission of healthy eating and on Tuesday added exercise to fuel the success of this lifestyle. Today is the one week anniversary of my journey.
I have fully adapted to a routine that av tailor-made and I'm loving it! 
When I started jogging, my thighs and calfs hurt a lot, but I vowed not to go back to my past ways when I'd use this as an excuse to miss the next session and now they are synergized with my mind, no more pain, every part of me seems to have realized I am in this for the long haul !
Everyday I try to add a new stretch or workout to my regiment for wholesome fitness.
Cutting out junk from my diet has not been as a mountainous task as I thought it would. I can safely pass by the candy isles in the supermarket with no tamaa (craving) at all.
Sticking to 'just enough' portions has been quite uphill though especially with the Sunday night pilau and chicken but a girl can indulge guilty free once in a week, can't she? I try to make makeup for this with lots on veggies and salads on the side and during the rest of the days. Oh, and I've taken to water like a fish, ha!
The internet has been a resource of great help to me in my quest for optimal health though some info can be conflicting and controversial, so I have to kinda sieve through and get what is realistic (most especially in Africa) and works for me.
I'm loving the resilience and strong resolve I have developed in the course of that one week because it ultimately means a healthy family for me since I influence the food choices everybody in my family makes. Wow, I'm really a powerful woman kumbe !

I have plotted out my goals, envisioned my success, become my own greatest cheerleader,affirmed my self-belief and will definitely follow through with my goals as advised by an article I came across on Yahoo! and now am basking in Moments and Bliss! 

Buenos dias mis amigos, Blessings!

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