March 8, 2011

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Today for my Introduction to Broadcast Media class , we were getting our maiden feel of the camera. 
I've been yearning for this day the entire weekend, my chance to feel like a real journalist ! I had several topics in mind but none was fully developed. Irene, one of my classmates gave me some work she had done in her English class 'learning from a dog' . It was a really interesting article and that's what I decided to do for my 'reporting for .......' presentation.

heeeeeh ! wacha I got on set !!! Being in front of the camera is no joke! suddenly my mind went blank, Oops! The words didn't flow as well as I had prepared for, at times going completely blank. Usually, I'm never nervous speaking to a great multitude ( FYI, I was once the Public Speaking champion of Central Province music festivals{but do I say?})

Camera, that's a new forte for me to conquer. I felt kind of bad about it afterwards but I encouraged myself "A journey begins with a step'. Today was my step and av put my mind to going for the journey, I'm determined and feel it deep within me that this is my journey, my destiny, my passion and I'm in for the long haul.

Prepare for the best journalist our generation, here I come. The journey has just begun ........ 

We are having Culture Week to celebrate the different nationalities and diverse culture in the University. One of the activities is grafitti, my Friend Silvia and I went to have a look as the Visual Arts club were starting on it

Today started with a few stresses and ended as total moments and bliss !!

I celebrate all Women
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