March 4, 2011

Dream out loud !
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Dreams come in many forms and provide insight into your greatest hopes and fears --

Dreams and desires provide the powerful energy necessary for achievement, and yet someone must focus and direct that energy. When it comes to your dreams, that is your job.
Go ahead, dream the biggest, most wonderful and personally meaningful dream you can imagine, and feel the intensity of your longing for it. Then, with your passion at full throttle, get busy making that dream a reality. -- Ralph Marston

You may wonder why the title and quotes on dreams. Well, today I had this dream, the second time-same dream ! how what's that word again? !!!

In my dream, two friends (weren't close now, maybe later) from  Campus come to my place for a sleepover, my Mom is also visiting and has invited her fellowship over the next day. I decide to show them around, rather, take them on a tour of my house so they may know their way around whilst staying with us.
The house is a magnificent sparkling Victorian beauty, to say the least !
I can clearly see the sunken lounge and fire place, the spacious kitchen, dining area, the grand stairway that winds up at the entrance to the ballroom, yes, ballroom in my house which my friends and I will arrange later in readiness for Mom's fellowship.

The kid's bedrooms are AWESOME ! **mmmhhhmm...the interior decor lady did a great job..**
We then take the stairs up to the our bedroom, Mr. and I ... Heaven !! "Victorian furniture is simply gorgeous"
The study is just what it should be; nice,warm (fireplace),quiet,cozy and lots of books.

Just when am about to show the girls my walk-in closet, I feel so pressed. I get out of bed and run to the bathroom. Ooh oh oh, same old, same old. ....... deymn!! It's a dream
I've left out lots of detail to avoid boring you but you get my dream, don't you ?? I tried to sort of put it together on paper and on my O vision board. Take a peek though my dream was grander

master bath & jacuzzi

girl's room

pool area
cheki tu !

Sometime last year, Mr. and I were listening to a 'game' on our favourite radio morning show. The guy was asked what his wife's biggest dream was and he didn't know.
Mr. told me if it were him, he'd have gotten it right. I was surprised coz I couldn't figure out which dream (I have may) tops my list. I asked him what it was. He answered "for the family to live in a big house in Runda or Gigiri"
waaaaaaarrrrrr ??? He said I talk about it a lot often subconsciously and my eyes light up when I do.

Maybe, the universe is trying to tell me something through my dreams or is it wishful thinking?

my moments of bliss -- --- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

Your dreams are not there to tease you with visions of what you do not have. Rather, your dreams truly show you, in a profound and intimate way, what is most certainly possible for you.

Your dreams are yours for a reason, and much of that reason is to entice you into living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Dreams are not practical yet they have a reason that's as real and as worthwhile as any pragmatic consideration. If you let them take hold of you, they will steadily pull you forward. When you commit yourself to follow them, your dreams can bring out the best of you.

-- Ralph Marston

One of my favourite sites is No wonder the many quotes by Ralph. Read it if you haven't

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