January 23, 2013

Embrace it all !
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After watching two episodes of 24 and a Vanessa Williams movie (can’t remember the title) last night, Mr. and I went to bed past mid-night. This is the third night in a row we were sleeping late. “We are adopting the sleeping habits of teenagers” I told hubby. No wonder I didn’t hear him getting out of bed at six to get ready for work. Not to worry, my children woke me up about half an hour later with their usual morning ruckus. 

Five year old baby girl was squabbling with the nanny who was trying to get her ready for school – she didn’t want to get out of her new night robe (it’s hot, pink and vintage!)that I bought for her over the weekend. My almost ten year old baby boy was conversing at the top of his voice as he put on his uniform and getting his stuff from upstairs to downstairs with the loudest footsteps over! Usually, when the ruckus starts, I burst into the living room and threaten to drop their bags off at school then they (the children) will walk to school later.

 Today I just lay in bed. I thought of my friends and relatives who have been on the painful journey of trying to have children with no success. I thought of how I cannot dare miss an appointment at the family planning clinic because, pap! In nine months I’ll be in theatre getting another caesarean. I realised that it’s not about my glass being half full or half empty; it’s that I have a glass and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thought my children are louder that road show campaigns, I quietly thanked God for the gift of children and dedicated my family to the Almighty. And guess what, somehow all the noise disappeared and twenty minutes later my babies were seated in the car ready for school! Oh, and I had managed to iron out a few creases on hubby’s office shirt.

As I get on today’s businesses and all I have to do, one word that is constantly springing in my thoughts is ‘Embrace’. As I look back and meditate on my life and experiences, not all is rosy but I’m gonna gracefully and gratefully embrace it all!
My babies when they were slightly younger *aaawwwwwhhhh*

Embracing all!
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