October 4, 2011

Getting started
TerryOctober 4, 2011 0 comments

The excitement of being editor-in-chief has settled, not out, just settled.
My team and I met today formally for the first time though we are all well acquainted. Funny how we all applied at the same time.
We had an early morning meeting with the dean and head of activities to orientate us on our roles for the next one year.
 I must say I was impressed by all committee members for their commitment illustrated by how each kept time. I mean, ten minutes before the interview, we were all present. I pray we keep the standard.
The tasks will be pretty demanding coupled with the fact that we have to hit the ground running since we're a bit late getting into office. But we're tough cookies. We will make the best yearbook ever!
The targets are high, our dreams so huge, the expectations soaring and we gonna make it real! Watch this space, ok, not exactly this one but yeah, I'll be sure to let showcase the yearbook here when the time comes.
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